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Italian Queen 5-Frame Nuc Carniolan Queen
Italian Queen
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5-Frame Nuc
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Carniolan Queen
Our Price: $29.00
(Out of Stock)
Must pick up in store. We will get this shipment the first week of May. Place an order here for your 5-frame Nuc.

These are Georgia-grown bees.
For all of you new to beekeeping, this is how you get your first bees. You are purchasing a working hive: these 5 frames contain the Nucleus (Nuc) of an established hive. This contains a queen and thousands of worker bees that have already been working with one another. It also already contains honey, pollen, eggs, and larvae as a basis for them to build upon.

*We do not ship these! This is a pre-order so you can pick up your bees in Spring 2017 (exact date TBD) from our store in Dallas, GA. We sell out every year and once they're gone they're gone!

Want to get a more complete bee kit when you pick up? Just click "Bee Kit" here to add a hive body, bottom board, cover and five frames to your order (insert your Nuc's five frames and your bees will use the new frames for their production, and you have a 10-frame hive).
Must pick up in store. We will receive our shipment the first week of May.